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The site is a place for newcomers to the diet to find information that will help them implement SCD. All the information you'll find here will be strictly SCD. There is an extensive FAQ section, as well as sections to help you get started and to explain the science behind the diet, associated medical conditions, recipes and more.

Our own Jodi Bager has started a fine line of SCD baked goodies (cookies, crackers, loaves, etc.) They're sold under the name of J. Gourmet.

In Toronto you can find her products at :

Field of Grain (Yonge St. North of Eglinton at Castlefield)
Daiter's (Bathurst south of Wilson at Old Orchard Grove)
Chapman's (York Mills and Bayiew in southeast Plaza)

Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass (both from UCLBS) have written two SCD cookbooks, Grain-Free Gourmet, and Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. They're packed with the most delicious recipes from cover to cover and interspersed with invaluable SCD nutrition and food preparation information.
To purchase the book Grain-Free Gourmet: Amazon.ca and Chapters-Indigo.
To purchase the book Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: Amazon.ca and Chapters-Indigo.

A site for adults and children with IBD/Autism

Children with Autism who are implementing SCD are demonstrating remarkable improvements in bowel function, language, eye contact, self-stimulatory behavior, anxiety, and mood. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, unlike other specialized diets, works by removing the foods that cannot be properly broken down. The vicious cycle of malabsorption, maldigestion, inflammation, and food allergies seen in children with autism can be corrected using this dietary approach and healthy digestion can begin.

Ste. Anne's Spa has made their menu 25% SCD compliant! The spa is just down the road from Elaine's home. The chef consulted with Jodi and Jenny of Grain-Free Gourmet to make the changes.

The Long Island listserve, originally created by Rachel Turet, is a way to link SCDers together through e-mail. List-members share knowledge and resources with each other, as well as humour and a sense of community. There is a chance that this list serve may stop working due to the list server being sold. Although still active, many of the members have moved to a Yahoo group.

To participate in the Yahoo group, you'll need to create a Yahoo identity and join the group. Then you can edit your membership and have emails sent to you, or read them from the web. The Yahoo group may be accessed at: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/BTVC-SCD/

If you'd still like to join the Long Island Listserve:
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Raman Prasad has amassed a great collection of recipes, as well as sharing his highly entertaining thoughts on SCD related subjects.

Jaynette (Gay) Bauer runs a mailing list to help those suffering from IBD who need support while on the SCD diet.

"The Healing Crow Inc." is a grassroots charity with a mission to inform the public about viable non-drug related approaches for treating chronic illnesses. " A great source of information about SCD and adjunct therapies. Click on "SCD Wisdom" to find answers to frequently asked SCD questions. Healing Crow also has its own listserve.

Lucy Rosset's online shop for everything SCD. Lucy has written an amazing cookbook, available through the site. You can also find Yogourmet Yogourt Makers, starter, and high quality acidophilus here, as well as almond flour.

Managed by John Chalmers, this site contains the first chapter of Elaine Gottschall's book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, as well as biographies of Dr. Sidney V. Haas and Elaine Gottschall, and a live chat feature. SCD books and supplies are also on offer.

Tout sur le régime SCD => Régime en Glucides Spécifiques en français ! Des tas de conseils pratiques, une base de données de plus de 1200 aliments autorisés ou non, etc.

Recettes 100% SCD (RGS en français). Chaque semaine de nouvelles recettes - vous pouvez vous inscrire à la newsletter pour recevoir toutes les nouvelles recettes directement à votre adresse email.

Founded by Mike Aidt (Webmaster), and Managed by Mike Simons (Co-Webmaster), this is the SCD Library and archive site.

Through this link, you may purchase a copy of Drs. Sidney and Merrill Haas's original book about treating celiac disease with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

The name UCLBS was inspired by the wit of the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in Toronto, a respected group of gastroenterologists. The UCLBS is, however, an independent group of Ontarians who are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat inflammatory/irritable bowel problems, and does not represent therapy recommendations of the clinic.