December 6, 2020

Cuc Core Agreement

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It`s not true. Becoming a key ISME customer was easy. The CUC has been very helpful. The problem is the ridiculous price scammer of the solar installations company that pushes the king beyond the life of the equipment! All this ignorant talk about shareholders committing murder reflects the poor financial competence of some people in this forum. If you live here, work here and have a pension, chances are you will be a shareholder of CUC through your pension fund. CuC is a utility, utilities around the world offer stable returns and act as a stable investment in every portfolio. People need reliable energy and water; they are basic investments in each portfolio because they offer stable returns. Even Credit Union invests in CUC shares. So if you thank your annual divi thanks to CUC and stop baseing CUC they offer stable jobs and scholarships for Caymanians. DYOR Do your own research and invest in your local public service.

The CORE Credit – Interconnection Agreement is available on the CUC website in www.cuc-cayman.com/coreprogramme. When I checked my last CUC bill, the addition of all fees per kWh is about 24-25 cents. I understand that some of the core programs have offered historically higher rates to people, but the last batch was 24 cents. How exactly do non-core customers subsidize primary customers when the rate is the same? Can someone explain it to you? The comparison should only be made with the costs associated with energy sources – fuel, customs and renewable energy. That is the cost of generating electricity, which is currently about 13.5 cents. www.cuc-cayman.com/customer-service/fuel-cost/. In a press release Monday CUC said that CORE was very popular and that it connected 432 customers to the generation of 5,611 KW renewable capacity. But the company now hopes to change renewable energy production to its second alternative energy system, the decentralized energy resource, as it works to complete the battery storage project. I`m confused.

I am a core customer for more than 4 years and I have benefited a lot. Recently, however, the credit I had with CUC has sheded considerably and hardly covers my monthly consumption. After looking at my statements, my production is consistent, energy consumption has decreased, but there is an “alternative energy tax” that raises all my credits, which would otherwise have been close to $400 or more.

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