December 17, 2020

Simple Art Consignment Agreement

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It was my experience that most retail galleries NOT negotiate their consignment structure below 50 percent (unless you are super famous or your work is in the high-end range of $40,000 or more). Most galleries expect a 50/50 split with the artist, while some galleries move to 60/40 or this area (with the 40 go to the artist). The aim is to confirm the reception on air of the following works of art. Artists should list both the wholesale and retail prices for the convenience of the gallery and avoid any misunderstandings. Art emission contracts are deceptively simple. This dissertation goes back to this simplicity to raise questions for art owners that are not entirely (or simply imperfect) dealt with by the text of the usual agreement. Withdrawal by the auction house (which cancels the sale long after the sale) is one of these topics. There are others. See below.

Exclusive: In some cases, you may include information about restrictions or expectations of representation. Some galleries, for example, will want to establish exclusivity in an artist`s representation or will have arrangements for artists with multiple gallery performances. It`s always up to you, as an artist, to decide what`s good for your career. You can also work with the gallery to set the time frame in which exclusivity takes place. However, the exclusivity of galleries in the digital age is changing, as artists have more opportunities than ever to sell their works. Here you will find models for a consignment contract. You don`t need to learn a new design program to establish a record report from scratch. More time to shoot with design programs or format something professional in Word. 4. Authority for the works of accepted artists.

Works of art can only be accepted by or by a person they designate, entitled to accept works of art, to be shipped or ended by persons. The gallery may refuse works of art at the discretion of the owner. Galleries usually pay their bills once a month. This means that shipping items sold (under contract) can be paid for up to 30 days after purchase. Your payment plan must be entered into your contract or account. There are pros and cons to an emissions agreement. One advantage, for example, is that sending a gallery can allow for a risky or difficult job, since its money is not engaged in the stock of purchases. One drawback, however, is that, although the artist`s work is owned by the gallery, the artist will not be paid until the work is sold.

This business agreement is so complex that there may be misunderstandings and difficulties if the parties have not been clear about the terms of the agreement from the outset. You can create a record report to work on each of your sites by clicking on the locations in the left menu. In the gallery or in the retailer for which you want to create a report, click the Grey Reports button and select The Send Report in the drop-down menu. I don`t think the work on the show (and probably for sale) should be dirty, fingerprinted or soiled. Framed objects should be carefully treated on the shelves. The frame and the glass should not be dirty.

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