April 7, 2021

Acoss Collective Agreement

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The report examined the reasons for recent trends in collective agreements. The project will take place in two phases. The first phase was published for the 2016/2017 review. The second phase will contain data from the confidential “Earnings and Hours Survey” data file for 2016 and will be published later in 2017. . The report analysed the characteristics of the youth labour market and presented time comparisons. Characteristics included the type of employment, hours worked, diplomas and industry and the occupation of employees. The differences in unemployment and underemployment between young people who are and are not full-time students were also studied. This project provides a descriptive analysis that examines the labour market and the personal characteristics of those earning around the national minimum wage using the survey on workers` wages and hours.

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey is used to analyse the characteristics of low wages. This document summarizes the scope and results of each of the research reports listed below and also proposes a debate on the reference list for research and statistical report. As envisaged in the medium-term research program, this project follows changes over time in the extent of underemployment for part-time workers and their relationship to unemployment. It compares and analyzes the characteristics of under-employed people to the unemployed, including over time. Characteristics include gender, age, student status, location, industry and occupation. For under-employed workers, the characteristics of the analysis would also include the method of setting wages, hours worked and working hours. The report also contains information on the duration of underemployment and mobility in alternative employment countries. Gembridge is a consulting firm that is turning to the production of campaign equipment and products with external suppliers. Creating campaign content, including videos, with external providers. Creating EDMs of committed supporters, social media contributions and local press releases.

Work with the Director of Media and Communications and external providers on the digital strategy and implementation of the campaign. The participation of local media, the dissemination of local press releases and the management of local press conferences. Other campaign and administrative tasks as prescribed. Organizational relations: – Reports to the Director of Media and Communication. Works closely with the Campaign Committee, which includes the Director of Policy and Advocacy, the Director of Media and Communications, and the Head of Policy and Revenue ad-ocacy. Selection criteria: – A commitment to ACOSS values and objectives to reduce poverty and inequality – Experience in project management and/or implementation of an interest campaign or several advocacy campaigns – Learn about the involvement of community groups and other stakeholders in an interest campaign – Excellent oral and written communication skills, with experience in online writing – An understanding of political, media and digital landscapes. Desirable selection criteria: – Understanding social security policy – Design, photography and/or videography skills – Experience in the development and/or implementation of a social media strategy – Experience in dealing with external suppliers. Salary and conditions This position is a six-month contract, with the possibility of a two-month extension.

In accordance with the 2015 ACOSS collective agreement, this role is classified as a Tier 3 position with a current wage margin of USD 77,673 – USD 86,075 per year plus 9.5% superannuation. The position is located in the ACOSS office in Redfern, Sydney. Some intergovernmental and intra-national travel may be necessary. Hours standard working time at 73.5 per fourteen days, with flexible hours. This study presents the analysis of data from the confidential data file of the

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