April 8, 2021

Aimable Agreement

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Choose the right sentence to describe your cousin. Be careful with the adjective agreement. In communities in Mozambique and Rwanda at risk of drought and flooding, low-carbon initiatives are implementing renewable solar irrigation systems to reduce the use of fossil fuels and increase resilience to climate change. The singular male adjectives, which end in Them, form the feminine by changing x as shown in Table 3. Hello! Do you have any questions about your homework? At Brainly, there are 150 million students who want to help each other learn. Questions are usually answered in less than 10 minutes. Try it for yourself by asking a question! 😀 a promising future (a promising future) a promising adventure (a promising adventure) a corrupting agent (a corrupting agent) an influence (a corrosive influence) Most adjectives make up the feminine of the masculine, in -e, including adjectives, which with e en: Some adadectives make the feminine by doubling the final consonant before -e: Form the singular feminine maskculine adjektivs ending in e by adding . , as shown in Table 2. Aimable Twahirwa is a high-level, multi-award winning science journalist based in Kigali, Rwanda. Over the course of his career, he has touched on several development-related topics in Rwanda, the Great Lakes and the East African region and has published detailed stories for various international media organizations and a growing interest in agriculture and climate change. A journalist by training, he has more than 18 years of experience in the information and technology sector as a journalist, producer, editor and creative director for some regional media organizations. Twahirwa is also a board member of the Association of Scientific Journalists of Rwanda (RASJ), where he develops training modules and organizes workshops on data science and scientific journalism and data-controlled investigative coverage. He is experimenting with different forms of coverage in different digital platforms to find a better way to do science journalism to serve the public interest in the digital age.

Twahirwa`s publications on science, agriculture and climate change have also been the subject of international debate. He was also privileged to conduct several famous exclusive interviews, including that of the Acting Chief Economist and Vice-President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa and the Rwandan Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Claver Gatete, when asked about the recommended innovations that could lead to better access to agricultural finance.

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