April 8, 2021

Chapter 8 Subject Verb Agreement Answer Key

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(b) Only one subject is sometimes confused as a plural, for example. B when it starts with (one of the nis, neither, etc.). Remember that they should be considered singular. Every one of you is wrong. None of them work here. A teacher teaches English. The course menu Lesson Plan Impression Answer Key NAME CLASS DATE for CHAPTER 8: AGREEMENT Pages 148-51 Subject Verb-Agreement 080ba.. A verb should match its subject in number. A subject and a verb agree if they have the same number. If a word refers to a person, a place, a thing or an idea, it is unique in number. If a word refers to more than one person, a place, a thing or an idea, it is in the plural number. Singular Verben (1) Singular subjects take singular verbs. SV EXAMPLES The swimmer looks tired after training.

[The singular verb corresponds to the simple swimmer.] SV My sister sometimes helps me with my homework. [The singular verb helps, agrees with the singular subject of sister.] SV I often think of astronomy. [The singular verb think corresponds to the Singular pronounium I.] Copyright © of Holt, Rinehart and Winston. All rights reserved. EXERCISE A Circle the verb form that corresponds to the theme in each of the following sentences. Example 1. This tent has a skylight. [The subject, the tent, is singular, so the verb must also be singular.] 1. A removable lid (protects, protects) camper from rain.

[What`s the subject? Is the subject singular or plural?] 2. My tent (a, have) windows that can be closed with zipper. 3. A window (permit, permit) to blow cool breezes through the tent. 4. Fine fillets (keep, keep) insects. 5. I (savour, savor) the sounds of the night. Plural verbs (2) Plural subjects take plural verbs.

SV EXAMPLES Barbecues make an interesting sound. [The plural verb is compatible with the plural subject cricket.] SV Some guys in my class own unicycles. [The plural verb corresponds to the plural subject of boys.] Development Language Skills 57 20 Exercise 9, p. 167 Use your tipsVotion of the word or group of words that correctly completes the sentence. Ex: (Here,000) the jazz CDs I borrowed. A: Here (with the theme: agreed CD) #1: According to this map, there are (there are) seven countries in Central America. A: There is (by mutual agreement with the plural theme: country) 21 Contractions are not and should not correspond to their subjects Contractions are not and should not correspond to their themes. Don`t: All pluralists and pronouns I and You Don`t: All individual subjects (except me and you) Ex: These gloves don`t match.

(Pluriel) I don`t want to be late. (I) It doesn`t matter. Singular. Doesn`t she like cold weather? (Singulier) 16 Singular Topics Related or Related to Singular Verbs Singular subjects linked by or taking individual verbs. Plural topics that are bound by or take plural verbs. Ex: This test requires a pencil or pencil. Ex: Neither Minnesota nor Buffalo have won a Super Bowl. Ex: Do the Lakers or Clippers win the game? 5 Exercise 3, p. 158 Use your boardsYou gave the verb that corresponds to the theme Ex: The sport of basketball (savor, enjoy) great global popularity A: enjoys #1: Successful basketball leagues (exist, exist)… A: Available A verb must correspond in number and in person with its subject. (a) If the subject is a third person is singular, most English verbs end in -s or -it, but there are no -s or -it in plural third.

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