April 8, 2021

Cpsucsa Agreement

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Opposition leader Liza Harvey said the KPdSU/CSA agreement was a “dirty deal.” New benefits include the new public service public service holiday, paid culture and ceremonial leave for Aboriginal staff and the Torres Strait Islander, an increase in bereavement leave from two to three days, and an aging of 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave. The CPSU/CSA union, which represents approximately 30,000 public servants, announced today that they have been offered an increase of $2,000 over two years, as well as a series of new allowances and expenses. “It may seem like an extra holiday for people, and it doesn`t cost anything, but it means that every member of the CPSU is paid for a day when they`re not working, so there`s a cost to the taxpayer.” “We don`t have a dollar, it`s about improving the conditions to ensure that the particular circumstances of people in the public sector are properly recognized,” he said. State bureaucrats will receive an additional holiday as part of wage negotiations with the McGowan government, which could put pressure on the state budget. “What we have now is a payment for the silence of the CPSU when the government`s wage policy was announced,” she said. The union will vote tomorrow on the agreement and has looked at how the new conditions “break” the McGowan government`s wage policy. Labour Relations Minister Bill Johnston would not assign monetary value to the terms. Opposition to the state says the deal is a dirty deal for “union colleagues,” which breaks the government`s tough offer to raise wages by $1,000 a year to keep wages in.

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