April 10, 2021

Huntington Bank Subordination Agreement

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Competition is intense in most of the markets Huntington`s serves. Huntington competes with other banks and financial service providers such as savings and credit companies, credit unions, financial companies, mortgage banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms for price and service. In the future, competition could be exacerbated by industry consolidation, increasing availability of non-bank products and services, major technological developments in the sector and banking reform. For example, financial services reform legislation, passed in 1999, was removed to remove long-standing restrictions in the Glass-Steagall Act on the investment activities of bank holding companies and banks. The legislation allows, among other things, securities companies and insurance companies to conduct banking under certain conditions. Huntington is a financial holding company. In order to maintain their status as a holding finance company, the deposit-taking subsidiaries of a bank holding company must be both well capitalised and well managed and meet their obligations under the Community Reinvestment Act. Huntington is a financial holding company with a national bank subsidiary, Huntington National Bank, and numerous subsidiaries a-Bank.de. The list of Huntington`s subsidiaries is included in Figure 21. The bank is subject, under federal law, to restrictions on the affiliate transaction that limit the transfer of funds by the subsidiary to the parent company or to a non-bank subsidiary of the parent company, whether in the form of loans, credit extensions, investments or asset purchases. These divestitures of a subsidiary to its parent company or to a single non-bank subsidiary of the parent company are limited to 10% of the capital and surplus of the subsidiaries of the subsidiaries and, with respect to that parent company, together with all of these non-bank subsidiaries of the parent company, to a total of 20% of the capital and surplus of the subsidiaries.

In addition, these loans and loan renewals must be guaranteed within certain amounts. In addition, all affiliate transactions must be conducted under conditions and circumstances that are essentially identical to such transactions with unrelated companies. On March 1, 2005, Huntington announced that it had entered into formal written agreements with its banking supervisors, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (FRBC) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which provide a comprehensive action plan to improve corporate governance, internal audit, risk management, accounting methods and financial and regulatory reporting. They require independent third-party audits and management submitting written plans and progress reports. These written agreements remain in force until the bank supervisors terminate. The financial services sector is widely regulated. The banking rules of the federal state and the federal states are primarily aimed at protecting deposit guarantee funds and consumers and not benefiting the shareholders of a financial company.

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