April 10, 2021

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Sku

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The customer may not install or use non-Microsoft product software or technology that would subject Microsoft`s intellectual property to obligations beyond the obligations contained in these professional terms of service or in the customer`s volume license agreement. Telephone support incidents that have not been used expire after SA coverage has expired. Hotline incidents should not be transferred between recordings or agreements. Notwithstanding the contrary conditions of the customer`s volume licensing agreement, including product conditions, the customer may run licensed copies of self-recognized applications that interact directly or indirectly with their software in order to create a single solution (“Unified Solution”) and to authorize the use of third parties, subject to the conditions below. All professional services provide support for Microsoft products, which are generally available on the market (unless they are explicitly excluded on the Microsoft Premier website or the Microsoft Support Lifecycle website). Professional services are generally billed hourly, remotely and in English (unless another language is available). Professional services are offered in the country where the VL agreement is signed. On-site visits are not paid for in advance and are subject to the availability of resources. All professional services that are not used each year expire. At the customer`s request, Microsoft can access the customer`s system remotely to analyze problems. The customer`s right to use all the consulting and support services that Microsoft (“Professional Services”) provides under the terms of the product is subject to the customer`s volume license agreement and (2) to any Microsoft Services master-level contract that the customer may have at the time of purchase. In the event of a conflict, the most up-to-date professional service agreement is monitored. If the customer`s master contract for the granting of a volume license is a version of Microsoft Business Agreement that dates back to before September 2007 or that contains no other conditions for professional services, and if the customer has not signed another Microsoft Services contract at the Master level, the following additional conditions apply to all Professional Services purchased and used by the Client.

The customer may sublicate the rights to use Deliverables Services to its related companies, but the client`s affiliates must not underlicense these rights. The customer is responsible for the fact that his associates guarantee compliance with these professional terms of service and the customer`s volume license agreement. Subsequently, licenses purchased for the same non-continuous product within the same registration period under an Enterprise or Enterprise subscription contract, a free-value subscription or a registration for educational solutions, as part of the customer`s true-up process, are also qualifying licenses for licensing purposes. Product coverage under subscription contracts must be continuous. Only make its licenses available with Microsoft Azure Platform Services or qualified license mobility through SA partners. A list of the mobility of qualified licences by SA partners is available at www.microsoft.com/licensing/software-assurance/license-mobility.aspx; and Markup allows partner directors to add a percentage mark-up to their indirect enterprise agreements. The mark-up percentage applies to all Microsoft service information for the first parties on the Azure EA portal, z.B.: counter rate, Azure pre-payment and orders. After the markup was published by the partner, the customer sees azure-Kosten in the Azure EA Portal. For example, usage summaries, price lists and downloaded usage reports. Most SA benefits are available in each product pool, as described in the table below. SA active for each qualifying product qualifies the customer for the benefits listed in the table below.

Some benefits are granted on the basis of SA client expenses for a number of qualified products within a pool.

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