September 26, 2021

Margarita Machine Rental Agreement

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I confirm that the Margarita machine I received is in perfect condition, as shown to me by the delivery staff Jp`s Frozen Concoctions. I also understand that I cannot move the machine once the installation is completed by an employee of JP`s Frozen Concoctions. I have read the contractual terms on the front and back of this invoice and I agree with them, which is the whole of our agreement. There are no oral or other representations that are not included here. MARGARITA ON THE RUNĀ® is the top pick for Frozen Margarita Machine Rentals at the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Our Margarita machines are State Of The Art. We also serve the best Top Shelf Margarita Mixes around. There is no need to look elsewhere. We have the best Frozen Margarita Machine Rentals, Margarita Machine for Sales, Margarita Machine Lease, Best Margarita Mix and our machines are clean. We also sell equipment and accessories from new and used restaurants and dealerships.

I also acknowledge that I have been informed of the telephone number(s) I should call during the first two hours of the rental period if I have any questions about the operation of the equipment. JP Frozen Concoctions contact number is 678-939-1137. Heavy extension cords are equipped with each rental of frozen beverage dispensers. Do not use other extension cords without our agreement. The total length of the cable should never exceed 75 feet. Current is the most important variable provided by the customer, “110 volts” refers to electricity in standard outlets. “20 amps” refers to the size of the intruder that turns your station plug on and off. Windshields are individually labeled with their electrical fullness. A breaker at 15 amps is not enough. “Dedicated circuit” means that no other large electrical appliance or heavy power outlet (microwave, air conditioning, refrigerator, etc.) is on the same switch.

These objects take away from the margarita machines the current they need and could damage them, make them freeze more slowly, if at all. Margarita Momma will deliver the machine with everything necessary to make the meeting a success. Car delivery includes: 50 nine-ounce cups, straws and salt (if needed for margaritas)….

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