September 27, 2021

Mediation Agreement Between Employees

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In other words, it should boil down to a relatively simple question: if the other party to the mediation does what they agreed, can you trust yourself and the process enough to swallow (at least externally and under certain conditions) your misfortune may be quite justified from past events? Or do you feel so strong about the situation that you are absolutely obliged to look for a formal solution, regardless of the harm it will cause to the employment relationship? If this is really your position, some might say that you shouldn`t make it clear that you should only waste everyone`s time and that instead, it`s best to pursue your complaint and seize your chances there. But before you go down this road, think about these two points: First, you can`t really be sure of your position until you hear what the other party has to say in mediation. Second, if all that opposes your employer to an effective solution to an employment dispute is your refusal to look forward and not backward, you may find that, regardless of your personal exercise of rights and the injustice of the issue, you have effectively become the problem. It allows the parties to have good conditions and can repair working relationships in the workplace. Mediation focuses on finding a solution rather than letting go of the fault between the parties. This is especially useful if the employment relationship continues. Mediation can be an effective method of dispute resolution at all stages. In the previous phase, it can be used in case of conflict between employees, when a complaint has been filed or in a disciplinary situation. In later phases, it can be used if an appeal has been filed with the Labour Court or tribunal and during the dispute before a hearing has taken place. Mediation itself begins with the Mediator`s meeting with both parties, often referred to as a joint meeting to define the objectives of the mediation. But this means that if the future working agreements agreed during the mediation are respected by the other party and if it helps the working relationship to get back on its feet, it will not break this fragile progress by putting this past back on the table.

This can be done through a formal complaint or a complaint, or even by talking to the other party, because both necessarily force them to defend themselves, and then we will talk again. Mediation is also confidential.

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