September 27, 2021

Mines (Aluminium Agreement) Act 1961

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The Anglesea power plant is powered by coal from the Anglesea mine, which produces about 1 million tons of coal per year. The mine is also owned by Alcoa. [9] The company`s Anglesea mine is located in the “Anglesea Heath”. In 1961, the Victorian Parliament passed a special law, the Aluminum Act of 1961, under which 7097 hectares of land were leased to Alcoa for mining. The company owns an additional 124 hectares of adjacent land. [10] Loy Yang Power powers both the Point Henry Hut and the Portland Hut, commissioned in 1986, under contracts for 820 megawatts of power that operate until 2036. Loy Yang Power owns and operates the 2210 megawatt coal-fired power plant loy Yang A. Loy Yang Power is owned by AGL. [11] [12] According to 2010 figures, the Loy Yang A plant has been classified as Australia`s sixth-largest greenhouse gas-intensive power plant.

[7] Point Henry Smelter was founded in 1963. [4] The 150-megawatt Anglesea plant, owned by Alcoa from Australia, supplies the cabin with electricity. [5] Located near Anglesea, the plant emitted approximately 1.317 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2e) in 2009. [6] The Climate Group has ranked anglesea as the seventh greenhouse gas-intensive plant in Australia, based on 2010 figures. [7] Alcoa estimates that the plant generates 1.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of aluminium production, a value that has remained unchanged since 2006 and slightly lower than in 1990. [8] In Victoria, there are two aluminum smelters, both owned by Alcoa. These are the Portland Aluminum Smelter, which produces about 358,000 tons of aluminum per year,[1] and the Point Henry Aluminum Smelter, which has a capacity of 190,000 tons of aluminum per year. [2] Together, the two Victorian cabins account for about a third of Australia`s aluminium production. [3]. . . .

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