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Launch of Grain-Free Gourmet, Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Grain-free Gourmet

I had the pleasure of attending the book launch of Grain-free Gourmet , Jodi and Jenny's SCD cookbook last week. Although not technically a "potluck", I thought I'd mention it within our potluck pages. And since there was indeed food there, perhaps we can call it a quasi-potluck.

The launch was held at Nicholas Hoare Books, a lovely downtown-Toronto bookstore located at 45 Front St. E. It was a perfect place to hold the launch: a beautiful old bookstore, wood floors, great atmosphere - perfect surroundings for a gourmet cookbook launch.

Jodi and Jenny were surrounded by many of their friends and family. It was a pleasure seeing their joy in having their dream realized. The books were available for sale, of course, and I immediately picked up two (one for a good friend). They kindly signed books for those who asked. How wonderful for us SCD-ers to have such a book available to us.

Grain-free Gourmet

Going right after work, I remember thinking I should have brought something to eat, expecting to be very hungry before the night was through. Silly me. It's a book launch for a cookbook -- of course there would be food there! I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw all the mouth-watering trays of goodies. Knowing they were all made by Jodi and Jenny, I KNEW this was going to be good! Crackers with various dips (tzatziki, baba ganouj, salmon mousse), Thai chicken wraps with a dipping sauce, sweet and spicy squash soup, marinated asparagus squares, spiced nuts, all recipes in the book, of course.

Half way through the evening, Jodi and Jenny gave their speech thanking their family and friends for all of their support during the making of their book. They thanked their publishers, Whitecap books, for having the faith that such a cookbook is needed out there. And, of course, they thanked Elaine Gottschall, to whom it was dedicated in part. It's easy to forget how much hard work must go into such an endeavor - I see a beautiful book, with lovely recipes and pictures, and it's far too easy to gloss over the tremendous amount of work that went into it.

After the speech, a table full of desserts was set up. I had met with Carol Frilegh earlier in the evening, and we couldn't help but try each of the desserts. I don't have to tell you how good they were. But I will anyway, they were fantastic! I'm not sure I can remember them all: blueberry muffins, sand cookies, apple galette, cheesecake. My favourite (and Carol's, too) was NOT in the cookbook: Coffee Nut Dacquoise. A perfectly evil thing for J & J to do... we'll have to wait for the next cookbook for that recipe!


Jodi, Carol and Jenny
Jodi, Carol and Jenny

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