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Brunch at Pam's

Please hold all green-eyed monsters in check, as I describe the day. Elaine and I had the extreme pleasure of being guests of the Krivel family. I'll try to keep my praise of these hosts somewhat low-key, because if truth be told, you may all be beating a path to their door. I'm an early riser and tiptoed to the kitchen where Sue had promised to have the coffee machine set up and waiting for me to turn on. Only a 'hostess supreme', would think of taping a note to it, reading 'Good Morning Rachel'. Made me warm all over. Sue's kitchen is a statement in functional art and she works it like a great maestro with ten arms, calling up sweet sizzles and swoon-inducing fragrances. And she never breaks a sweat! Popping Tanya's 'lasagna' into the oven, putting final touches on the 'date cake' (to die for), gathering up extra cups for Pam's, Sue still managed to put together a fantastic breakfast omelet, fruit, cheese, and of course I consumed enough salt/vinegar crackers to explode under-trained bellies.

There were a handful of SCDers when we arrived, and Pam was waiting at the door with the promised bear hug (I'll need another soon, Pam). She had us all wear name tags, which was great because no-one looked as I'd expected. It was strange to put people I knew so well through their writing, with beautiful faces I'd never before seen.

Janice, Elaine, Julian, and Linda
Janice, Elaine, Julian, and Linda

I lost my heart to little Julian, who'd been carefully taught his 'pleases' and 'thank yous' and seemed perfectly at home with this houseful of strangers.

Elaine and Julian
Elaine and Julian

Maybe he knew, that big or small, we shared a bond. The laughter bounced off every wall, and although I know that a few still have IBD issues, it is hard to believe that anyone there had ever been sick a day in their lives.

Elaine Domenic must have repeated his story half dozen times about how his doctor made him get back on the scale in disbelief over the 10 pounds he'd gained. I could have easily enjoyed hearing him repeat it a dozen more. If I start describing the quality and quantity of the food, I'll have you drooling all over your keyboards. Additionally, you may have trouble downloading the size of this email, so I'll just say; when Tanya posts the recipes to the UCLBS site, don't miss a one!

There was much teasing, like in any large family gathering, but every once in a while I'd glance across the room to see our Motorcycle Momma holding court, surrounded by half a dozen awe-struck 'subjects' who couldn't believe their good fortune at having such royalty in their midst.

I've now been to 3 Canadian homes and I gotta tell you, these people know something about gardens! Elaine, Sue and Pam have beautiful homes, but most NYers don't know much from gardens. I may have to break down and put in a plant or two this year. Even with winter having killed most plants, these back yards hold an aura of peace, and being a smoker I spent time in each. After we ate, we all went out into Pam's sanctuary to take pictures, with me complaining that it was taking too long, as I balanced precariously on a small rock, behind Charlene.

The group

There was much hugging at the door, as each partyer reluctantly tore themselves away, to resume lives that the SCD had enhanced. Saying goodbye was the hardest part. I guess it always is when you are leaving people who've touched you intimately, to the soul. Thank you UCLBSers, one and all, for a cherished memory.

Love, Rachel

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The name UCLBS was inspired by the wit of the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in Toronto, a respected group of gastroenterologists. The UCLBS is, however, an independent group of Ontarians who are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat inflammatory/irritable bowel problems, and does not represent therapy recommendations of the clinic.