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Mother's day at Elaine's

Dear All
It's 11:30 pm and I just woke up from a much needed rest after all the Toronto people left my home. Today was our Potluck Dinner which was amazing. My large dining room table has never had anything comparable spread upon it - as Sue Krivel said, it was groaning from the weight of the delectables that were brought.

The food spread

I will describe more about the momentous day tomorrow as I cannot do justice to it now - I'm still tired - but it was 'one for the books'. Our Judy and her daughter, Meg, was here and finally the Toronto group and Judy got to meet each other.

I received the World's Biggest Mother Day Card with messages even from Natalie Pawlenko who, I understand, is now in Vancouver. I will treasure those messages forever and a day.

Elaine's card
Sue and Tanya, I am having a dish of the most wonderful homemade ice cream I have ever tasted. And the fruit! The grapes as large as plums and strawberries, all kinds of melons, are tucked away in my fridge waiting for tomorrow.

More food

And Dan and Janice - those ribs!

... and yet more food!
And Jodi - those unbelievable shrimp. And Jenny - all those beef patties which I didn't even get a chance to taste.

Julian and Frank
Julian and Frank

And little Julian was as precious as ever and is slowly working his way back to health.

Julie and Janice
Julie and Janice
Elaine and Jodi
Elaine and Jodi

I know I have not mentioned everything. I have concluded that the people who choose to follow SCD are the most intelligent and creative people in all of the world!

Thanks to all of you.
Love MM

Mother's day at Elaine's... Part 2

The name UCLBS was inspired by the wit of the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in Toronto, a respected group of gastroenterologists. The UCLBS is, however, an independent group of Ontarians who are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat inflammatory/irritable bowel problems, and does not represent therapy recommendations of the clinic.