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Natural Life Health Market

Natural Life is the Eldorado of organic dairy products, as well as carrying certified organic meat and produce, a large selection of supplements, Yogourmet machines, inserts, yogurt starter, Lyo-san acidophilus, and organic sauerkraut. Murray Bell and his staff are helpful and knowledgable. Dairy brands include Organic Meadow, Harmony, Nutri-Spring Farms, BioOrganic, Lait de Chevre, and Hewitts.

Promenade Village Shops (across the parking lot from OLD NAVY at Bathurst and Centre Streets)
7700 Bathurst Street, Unit 30
Thornhill, Ontario

Phone: (905) 707-3350
Fax: (905) 707-3316

Dry Curd Cottage Cheese

Western Creamery Brand Pressed Dry Cottage Cheese (0.1% MF) It comes in a white square vacuum pack with blue and brown lettering and a circle logo. Packages are 500 grams. Visit their website, http://www.westerncreamery.com/, for pictures of the packages and more information.

M-C Pressed Cottage Cheese (0.1%). White Square vacuum package with blue lettering and a circle logo. Packages are 500 grams.

Both can be found at Loblaws (including those in Whitby and Oshawa), Highland Farms, A & P, Dominion. Don't buy the creamed pressed cottage cheese as it is not SCD legal.

Organic Milk, Cream and Butter

Organic Meadow Brand (Also called OntarBio)

Available in 1%, 2%, 3.8%, and 10% MF. Organic Meadow makes also makes butter and cheeses, and organic yogourt that may be used as starter.

Packaging is white with a picture of a cow, and varying colours depending on product. The company's phone number is (519) 369-5316 if you wish to call for a complete list of distributors. Their website is http://www.ontarbio.com

Available at Natural Life Health Market, Highland Farms, larger Loblaws stores (in Oshawa, it is available at the Gibb Street Lowlaws), Pusateri's, and Fiesta Farms stores.

Harmony Organic

This new company was started by two former employees of Organic Meadow. Liquid dairy products are available in 2%, 3.8%, 10%, and 35% MF, in both cartons and returnable glass bottles. Available at Natural Life Health Market, or phone the company for a complete list of distributors at (519) 347-4320, or go to www.harmonyorganic.on.ca

Hewitts Brand

Hewitts supplies 18% and 35% MF products in solid colour cartons with white lettering. Available at Highland Farms, Loblaws, Dominion, Main Drug Mart (by special order - see Miscellaneous section for location information), and Natural Life Health Market.

NutriSpring Farms Ltd. butter is available at Natural Life.

BioOrganic butter and cheeses are available at Natural Life.

Lactancia cultured butter is available at Loblaws (the Gibb Street store in Oshawa), as well as Highland Farms

President's Choice cultured butter is available at Loblaws (Gibb Street store in Oshawa)

Goat Milk and Butter

Hewitts Brand is available in 2% or whole fat and is available at Highland Farms, Dominion, and Natural Life Health Market. Natural Life also carries goat cream butter.

Lait de Chevre Brand goat milk is available in 2% and 3.25% MF at Natural Life.

Devon Cream (48% MF)

Devon English Cream Company Brand

Small bottle with a blue and gold label.

This product is available at Highland Farms, and can be mixed with 3.8% milk to produce something akin to whipping cream for creme fresh (fermented heavy cream). Once fermented for 24 hours, it can be whipped like regular whipping cream, or used to make full fat ice cream.

The name UCLBS was inspired by the wit of the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in Toronto, a respected group of gastroenterologists. The UCLBS is, however, an independent group of Ontarians who are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat inflammatory/irritable bowel problems, and does not represent therapy recommendations of the clinic.