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Doctors & Nutritionists

The following is a list of area doctors who have been recommended by IBD/IBS sufferers.

Dr. Raymond Yeh
Canadian Health and Acupuncture Clinic
5213 Tiffany Court
Mississauga, Ontario
L5M 5G9
Phone: (905) 858-3630
"A doctor of traditional chinese medicine, he learned about the SCD from one of his patients (Janice), and read BTVC, watched a video I had of Elaine on Dini Petty. He had worked at Princess Margaret Hospital on cancer research for 10 years so is well able to evaluate Elaine's scientific references. He was impressed. I think very highly of Dr. Yeh; he is very cautious, and very conservative in his approach."

Dr. Gordon Greenberg
Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Avenue, Rm.445
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1X5
Phone: (416) 586-4727
"Excellent GI. He does not recommend the SCD to his patients but he is not opposed to it either."

Dr. Maria Cino,
also at Mt. Sinai.
According to one listserve member, "She just finished her residency a couple of years ago, and she is absolutely excellent. I was under her care as a resident when I was at Mt. Sinai a couple of years ago for a 2 week stay, and she was extremely thorough, compassionate, and respectful of my concerns."

Dr Alvin Pettle
3910 Bathurst Street, Suite 200,
Toronto ON
"Here's a doc who actually has a copy of Elaine's book prominently displayed on his bookshelf!"

Dr. Joey Shulman
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 961-1900 ext. 403.
"I was just listening to CFRB (1010). A Toronto nutritionist doctor, Joey Shulman, just mentioned that Elaine Gottshall's book was a " terrific book". She was discussing IBD/IBS with callers. She sounded like a very friendly doctor for SCD'ers."

Dr. Van Hoogenhuize
76 Holland W.
Bradford, Ontario
Phone: (905) 775-2976
"A doctor who I consulted at one time. He is an MD, but not a GI, and he is definitely a holistic doc. He specializes in allergy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients, and he uses the SCD extensively in his practice for IBD and for many other conditions, with good success according to what he told me. He is fairly eccentric, but I don't mind eccentric people if they are good at what they do and honest with me."

Dr. Kathleen Kerr
Yonge and St. Clair in Toronto.
"She is familiar with the SCD and she was recommended to me by someone who knew of her very successful treatment of a colleague's sister who had crohn's. She uses IV nutrients, dietary manipulation, etc."

Dr. Magdy Elkashab
1664 Dufferin Street (at St. Clair)
"I was finally diagnosed with Crohn's last December, after two years of becoming progressively more ill. I saw my gastroenterologist last week and it was one of the most empowering encounters with a doctor I have ever had. His name is Dr. Magdy Elkashab. Although he doesn't subscribe to any specific diet, when I told him about SCD he expressed that I should listen to what my body is telling me - that as long as SCD covered all the bases nutritionally, if I was feeling better being on it then I should stick with it. He also thought the list was a great idea, particularly since patients with Crohn's and colitis can have such varied experiences. Dr. Elkashab is affiliated with Mt. Sinai."

Dr. Bryn Waern
23 Biggar Ave
Toronto ON M6H 2N5.
(Per Elaine Gottschall.)

The name UCLBS was inspired by the wit of the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in Toronto, a respected group of gastroenterologists. The UCLBS is, however, an independent group of Ontarians who are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat inflammatory/irritable bowel problems, and does not represent therapy recommendations of the clinic.