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Meat & Fish

The Friendly Butcher

1018 Coxwell Avenue
(416) 425-9755

Boris Sharf makes his own medium-rare roast beef, dill pickles, and smoked bacon. He also carries free-range chicken and Buffalo meat, as well as a selection of allowable home-made sausage (see below).

Natural Life Health Market

Promenade Village Shops (across the parking lot from OLD NAVY at Bathurst and Centre Streets)
7700 Bathurst Street, Unit 30
Thornhill, Ontario
Phone: (905) 707-3350
Fax: (905) 707-3316

Murray Bell and his staff are helpful and knowledgable. Brands include Beretts Certified Organic pork and beef, as well as Rowe Farms and Cumbrae chicken, pork and red meat.

Big Franks

See their web site: Big Franks
790 Steeprock Drive
Downsviewm, ON
Phone: 416-630-0064

Big Franks products available here

Products are made without: mechanically separated meats, fillers, binders, artificial flavors, sugar, artificial sweeteners, starches, flour, gluten, milk ingredients, and MSG.

Nicholyn Farms Pork Shoppe & Country Market

All natural Meats and Eggs

3088 Horseshoe Valley Road West
Between Hwy 27 and 400
10 minutes north of Barrie
Phone: (705) 737-4498

Nicholas & Lynda VanCasteren proprietors. SCD legal ham steaks and bacon are available.>

Ulrich Meats

5566 Liberty Street North
Hampton-Orono area, near Taunton
Phone: (905) 263-2398

Natural beef, pork, and chicken, farm raised with no hormones. They will smoke ham and bacon with no sugar added upon request.

Gerry Krukket

Oshawa area

Phone: (905) 983-5126

Gerry Krukket produces homemade Bratwurst with no fillers or sugars.

Acres of Blessings, Mennonite Meats

121 Brock St N
Phone: (905) 665-3092

Drug free beef, poultry, pork and sausage.


Maple Leaf Brand 33% Less Salt Bacon.

Blue and Black package with picture on the front.

The Friendly Butcher at 1018 Coxwell Avenue carries in-house smoked bacon.

Shopsy's regular Bacon is sugar-free - available at Dominion Stores


Maple Leaf Brand ham steaks are sugar-free.

Shopsy's ham is sugar-free.

Corned Beef:

Maple Leaf Brand uncooked corned beef briskets, vacuum packed with all the spices.

Available in the refrigerated self-serve meat section of Highland Farms. If your local Highland Farms doesn't have them, you can ask the butcher to order them for you. To cook, just drop it into a pot of boiling water (in the plastic bag!) for 2-3 hours depending on weight (see instructions). Uncooked packages can also be frozen.


The Friendly Butcher sells the following allowable, 'home-made' sausage:

Leek Sausage - pork, salt, pepper, fresh leeks

Spicy Leek Sausage - as about with cayenne and chilies

Other types of sausage sold on the premises contain garlic powder.

Bruno's Fine Foods sells 'home-made' lamb sausage with sun-dried tomatoes. Other types of sausage sold on the premises may contain garlic powder, but the lamb are made with fresh garlic.

Smoked Salmon:

Nanuk Brand Smoked Salmon is available in the frozen fish section of most larger grocery stores.

The name UCLBS was inspired by the wit of the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in Toronto, a respected group of gastroenterologists. The UCLBS is, however, an independent group of Ontarians who are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat inflammatory/irritable bowel problems, and does not represent therapy recommendations of the clinic.