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Beans Sans Frontieres

There has been much discussion about which beans are legal, which are not, and how the names may differ from country to country. Here then, is an attempt to make things clearer.

Elaine allows for us to use white navy beans (pea beans), dried limas, and lentils. When we are well healed, we may try adding black beans and fresh lima beans.

Part of the confusion about legality stems from the fact that when dried, lima beans (which are legal), and fava beans (which are illegal), share the name butter beans. However, when fresh, limas (legal) are referred to as butter beans, while fresh fava beans (illegal) are called broad beans.

So... here goes:

Navy Beans

These are dried navy beans = Yankee bean = white pea bean = pearl haricot = Boston bean = Boston navy bean = pea bean = haricot blanc bean = small white bean = haricot bean = fagioli. They are legal.

What white pea beans are NOT, are great northern beans = cannellini bean = white kidney bean = fazolia bean... because then they would be illegal.

Dried Lima Beans

These are dried lima beans = Madagascar bean = wax bean. They may also be called dried butter beans, but should not be confused with dried fava beans, which are also referred to as butter beans. Dried lima beans are legal.

What dried limas are NOT, are fava bean = broad bean = Windsor bean = horse bean = English bean = fool = foul = ful = feve = faba = haba = habas... because then they would be illegal.

Dried Black Beans

These are dried black beans = turtle bean = black turtle bean = turtle soup bean = Mexican black bean = Spanish black bean = frijole negro. Once we are well healed, we can try black beans carefully.

What black beans are NOT, are black azuki bean = black adzuki bean = black aduki bean = asuki bean... because then they would be illegal.

Fresh Fava Beans

These are fresh fava beans = fresh broad bean = fresh butter bean = fresh Windsor bean = fresh horse bean = fresh English bean. They are NOT legal.

Fresh Lima Beans

These are fresh lima beans = fresh butter bean = fresh Madagascar bean = fresh wax bean. They ARE legal - but you must be careful not to confuse them for fresh fava beans.

There.. now nobody can say that we don't know beans...

The name UCLBS was inspired by the wit of the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in Toronto, a respected group of gastroenterologists. The UCLBS is, however, an independent group of Ontarians who are following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat inflammatory/irritable bowel problems, and does not represent therapy recommendations of the clinic.